Club Members

Introducing the members of Greater Dining Club!

Due to privacy issues, we have decided that a bunch of Sesame Street characters shall represent each of us. Plus, sesame is a food, and food cooked with sesame oil is yummy.


So here we all are, posing for our first ever group photo with all of us in it.

Top L-R:
Sherlock Hemlock (W), Count (C), Grover (Loo), Betty Lou (PS).

Bottom L-R:
Telly monster (EL), Elmo (SC), Oscar (SW), Cookie monster (S), Big Bird (WK).

W is wise, and thus has been chosen to be Sherlock Hemlock (because SC said this character looks wise).

C is the Count, our President. Knows where to find the good, yummy stuff.

Loo is Grover. Chosen by majority voice, no violent objections raised… yet.

PS is Betty Lou. Not by own choice, but by majority choice because Betty Lou is a sweet character.

EL is Telly monster. Telly monster is fuschia (which is almost PINK), & EL is a big fan of dark pink and shocking pink. Not light pink, hate that shade… too girly.

SC is Elmo, because SC loves this character, and there’s only 4 days difference between their birthdays (they relate to each other by being from the same zodiac sign).

SW is Oscar. SW is involved in Environmental affairs, and a dustbin represents recycle, which is environment friendly 😀

S is Cookie Monster, and our newest member to the Club.

WK is Big Bird, chosen by majority.

So here we are, one big happy dining group, looking forward to our next eating adventure.