About the Club

Welcome to the Greater Dining Club’s official page.

Who are we: A group of coworkers who share a passion for good food at cheap prices. Because we believe good things in life need not cost one an arm and a leg.

What do we do: We find deals for good eats (all hail Groupon!), and we go and eat! Our adventures have so far taken us around Puchong and Petaling Jaya, and even all the way up to Penang (!) and we will venture to more places in search of good food.

When we’re not buying Groupon deals or anything of the sort, we also try out places recommended to us by others. There are many good food gems that are scattered all over the Klang Valley, and we have so far been satisfied with the ones we have tried out.

What do we like: Food (obviously), and each others’ great company. Food always tastes better when consumed together in good company. And it tastes even better when it’s been photographed to the max before it’s eaten! Oh, and we like porky stuff too.

What are our future plans: Err, eat some more??


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