Trip To Visit President (Day 2)

Day 2 in Penang. Started off early as today’s agenda was to go hunt for murals.

First stop: Breakfast.

Where: One Corner Cafe.
Jalan Bawasah, George Town, Penang.

This place has one of the best prawn mee in town. But the wait for your order can take up to an hour. We were lucky to get ours within 30 minutes.

The chopsticks were said to make the photo look messy, so we removed them for a retake. This time, all spoons must face in one direction!

Chee cheong fun.

Dry lor mee. Not sure how they meant this as dry. It looks quite soupy to me.

Or kueh (yam cake) with the 3 tones of sauces…


And drinks. Seems like everything today is 3-toned 😀

And that’s just breakfast 😀

We arranged with President to meet us downtown. While waiting for her, another round of yum cha at a mamak. Someone had a roti kosong too 😀

Then on to the mural hunt!

Next food stop: Ming Xiang Tai for snack break of herbal tea & pastries.

Where: Ming Xiang Tai
26 Gat Lebuh Armenian (at Lebuh Victoria), George Town, Penang.

At first I thought it was flower tea, but it’s herbal… got ginseng, wolfberries, red dates… lots of those medicine-type stuff. Pretty good thirst quencher.

IMG_5341 Their egg tart is yums.

Headed for the Chew Jetty next, then headed to Tan Jetty for lunch.

Where: Tan Jetty Thai Food
97-A Tan Jetty, Weld Quay
George Town, Penang

Lunch was Thai food. Everything was super spicy!

After lunch, back to hunting murals. This time we didn’t stop until we left the place. No time to even stop for food :D.

Then it was off to Chowrasta Market for cendol / ais kacang & Penang laksa!

Where: Joo Hooi Cafe
475 Jalan Penang (at Keng Kwee St)
George Town, Penang

Mmmmm… cendol and ais kacang.

And Penang assam laksa!!! Slurps.

Had our dinner at Soon Lai Seafood, highly recommended by President. And now you know why she is the President. Because she knows all the good food places 😀

Where: Soon Lai Seafood
15 Lintang Batu
Jelutong, Penang

Ambra juice by the jug.

Butter nestum prawns. Oh so yummy. Eat until President also called me Prawn Face lol.


Sweet potato leaves. Vege is good for you.

Heh ken. No idea what it’s called in English. Prawn something… but it’s deep fried prawn in batter.

Drunken lala. Lalalalalalalalaa…

And crabs! S ate most of the crabs, until President called her Crab Face lol!

Look at all that crab egg…

Dropped off President after dinner, went in to say hello to her family & her doggie, Joey, then we headed back to the hotel for some much-needed sleep. Again, beyond caring if anyone snored or talked in their sleep.

End of Day 2.